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Loess Canyons Rangeland Alliance (LCRA) is a Coalition of Private Landowners and Partners Combining Resources & Labor to improve Rangeland Conditions in the Loess Canyons through Prescribed Burning and Education......

Mission Statement:
The Loess Canyon Rangeland Alliance (LCRA) is seeking to improve the management of valuable rangeland resources while increasing range productivity and controlling invasive species. Through education, the LCRA hopes to teach the benefits of rangeland management, enabling landowners to use their resources more efficiently. LCRA also strives to deepen landowners' commitment to environmentally sound practices, including prescribed burning, prescribed grazing and wildlife habitat management. These are the practices that LCRA believes will help protect the environment for future generations.

The LCRA promotes a three-pronged approach to land management. Proper application of each practice will lead to healthy rangeland, benefiting ranchers as well as grassland-dependent native wildlife.


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